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Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask after using it for a few months now.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask

Philosophy has a great reputation when it comes to skincare. I have yet to use one of their products that I didn’t really like. Needless to say, I had high expectations when I started using the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask. I’m happy to say that it’s lived up to my expectations. According to the packaging, this mask contains sea salts, marine extracts, and vitamin E. I know vitamin E is good for skin, so I was excited when I saw that was included.

First off, my favorite thing about this mask is that it’s super quick to use. You only have to leave it on for 60 seconds before you take it off. As a result, it’s perfect for those nights when I’m tired and ready to get into bed. Because it’s not on your skin for too long, it doesn’t harden like a lot of other masks, so it’s easier to take off. I typically use it after cleanser but before toner and moisturizer.

As far as how my skin feels after I’ve used it, my face feels soft and clean without any dry or tight feeling. I hate when my skin feels like that after any skincare product, and don’t think it’s good for my skin either. I’ve found that it’s gentle enough for my skin to use a couple times every week.

While I still have about half of it left, I already know that I’ll be buying this again. I like that it take a minimal amount of time to do for a mask. I also like how it leaves my skin feeling clean. You can find the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask at your local Sephora store or online here for $25 (affiliate like).

What’s your favorite mask to use? 

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