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Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

I first bought Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover because I liked that it was an oil free formula. Since I first tried it several years ago, I seem to keep coming back to it. Really, who needs added oil on their face? Not me, especially since I’m prone to breakouts.

I know that I probably don’t need to say this, but it’s so important to take off your makeup before going to bed. I know it can be tempting to skip taking it off completely when you’re tired, but it’s hard on your skin. Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover makes it really easy to take off eye makeup, which is part of why I like it so much.

In terms of application, I first shake the bottle to that it gets bubbly. I then put some on a cotton pad. I out he cotton pad on my eyelid for a few seconds to let the makeup remover soak in before I start rubbing gently. Although I do need to rub to get all of the mascara and eye shadow off, it’s not a lot of rubbing. I don’t wear eyeliner, so I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness to getting it off. Since it leaves a bit of a residue after the makeup is gone, I rinse my eyelids with water. It comes off easily.

I really like that fact that this doesn’t feel greasy while it’s on my face. I’ve tried other eye makeup removers in the past that either haven’t been effective at taking off all of my eye makeup or leave behind a weird film that’s hard to get off. That’s definitely not the case with Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.

It doesn’t take a lot of product to get off all of my eye makeup. I find that a bottle lasts me a few months.

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is available at your local drugstore for $9 or online here (affiliate link).

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