Flora By Gucci

Flora by Gucci

Back in 2006 I went on a trip to Europe. In France I found an amazing perfume and wore it for years until I finished it. I then went on a search for a new signature scent. It may have taken awhile, but I found one after a few years.

My brother had given me a gift card for Sephora for my birthday a few birthdays ago, so I went into the store hoping to find something that smelled great and appealed to me. When I came across Flora by Gucci, I know it was the one. It’s been my go to fragrance ever since.

Flora has both floral and citrus notes and is a strong fragrance that lasts all day. Despite the strong scent I don’t think that it’s overwhelming. I also find that it’s sweet and feminine. It gives me a confidence boost when I’m wearing it.

I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it over the years, as well as questions about what it is that I’m wearing. I think it works great in both the winter and summer months so I’m able to wear it year round.

In terms of packaging, I absolutely love the bottle that it comes in. It’s pretty and classic looking to me. It’s one of those bottles that you like to have out to see.

While it’s definitely not a cheap price, I think it’s worth it for a perfume that makes me feel great when I’m wearing it. Needless to say, Flora by Gucci will be a fragrance that I will be buying again.

Flora by Gucci is available at Sephora for $95 or online here (affiliate link).

Have you tried Flora by Gucci? What’s your favorite fragrance? 

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